Privacy Policy

Privacy policy - Our Policy stands for SECURITY, ASSURANCE, PROTECTION and GUARANTEE and PROMISE fulfillment.

No Disclosure and Purpose: User/Client/Customer information: all the information is secured provided by customers here at KODESWARE never share and keeps the information private significantly. Information of customers can only be used by KODESWARE to provide offers about products, new products, new version of programs, license issuing related, special discount offers for customers on special occasions.

How KODESWARE collect information: KODESWARE never runs any campaign or program in which any personal information being asked like, date of birth, card information and address. Never reply and disclose any information to any such third party and self to KODESWARE: We collect information of users on each visit on our websites using smart IDENTIFIER IP activity and behavior collector. We have smart technology and 3 layer security for our customers and so each customer is safe here on our website from visiting to till the order made by customer using the medium they used card, banking or other payment making medium.

SECURITY and Action on Information: Due to prohibited activity and hackers frequent attack on Companies we are bounded with maximum security and 3 layer security to keeps our customers safe and secure for any harm. Any harassing, illegal activity ever been caught will be liable for legal prosecution and action will be taken against the executor under company law and Criminal Law.

Policy Changes and Modification are only be considered after information provided to customers about our program.
Out MOTO is provide you better real time experience with us with top most securities, solution and a complete satisfaction with guarantee.